Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Meet Ben and Emma~~October 2010

I've always enjoyed taking pictures. That's probably pretty shocking to the people who know me because I also like talking and doing both of those things at once can be tricky sometimes. But a couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to get to take some pictures of some reallllly cute kids...twins at that! They are three years old and ready to go at a moment's notice. I could tell that I was going to like them right off the bat. Ben came walking in with his big personality to match his big grin while Emma was more cautious about the whole ordeal. She kinda eased in and followed her brother's lead.

I've never been a fan of canned, posed pictures so we took the kids out to the beach and after a few poses to humor everyone, their real personalities started to shine.

No brother and sister photo shoot can be called "complete" without a little hug.....(I mean, my sister and I were SO loving and affectionate toward each other growing up. If by "affectionate", you mean we tried not to leave bruises on each other before special occasions)

We soon made our way down to the water and these two decide to ponder on the important things in life like how long they'd have to stay in these clothes and when they'd get to play with the surprises that they were getting if they'd behave at the shoot!

It wasn't long before Ben had enough with the laid back style and he just decided to bolt!

Emma would have none of this behavior and sat quietly while Ben ran like a wild man!

Well, she finally figured that if you can't beat him, you should at least join him!

The fun thing about this day was being able to watch 2 SUPER CUTE kids
 being kids. They had fun and cracked each other up. 
How many of us wouldn't like to be able to say that we spent a day like that???

I hope that we got some great shots that everyone will love and I know that I had a great time doing them! OH yeah, the next favorite of ALLLLL of them was not even shot by me but by Tanya who was just clicking away with no method to her madness! I did the processing on the picture but what a great shot it was! For that very reason, she's no longer allowed to go out and shoot pictures with me ever again. Unless of course, she'll let me claim them as my own and then we can talk....

I hope that you enjoy them and feel free to add feedback.

A special thanks to Ben and Emma for being 
absolutely adorable and lots of fun!