Monday, April 18, 2011

Meet a Fun, Fun Family! (Jefferson, GA Family Photographer)

When Lindsey contacted us about doing some pictures, I was really happy about it because I'd never met her son, Cooper. I'd known Lindsey for a while and she was always one of those people that I just loved to pick on. Something about torturing her made me have joy in my heart. I giggle now as I think about it. 

As we got a little closer to picture time, Tanya tells me, "Oh, it's not just Lindsey and's Lindsey, Matt, Cooper, her sister and her family, and her brother". Tanya's not into details sometimes but that put a different spin on things. You see, when someone contacts us about doing pictures, I get this whole thing going in my head. I try to visualize how they'll look in different locations or scenarios and start from there. Knowing that there were more people whose personalities I didn't know kicked up my nervousness level quite a bit! I know Lindsey's personality but I know that family members can be VERY different sometimes so I was hoping that all would go well. I've got to tell you that I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I met the gang.
Lindsey was exactly as I'd always known her to be and Matt and Cooper were complete sweethearts!
Cooper was a heartbreaker from the get go! He got out of the car ready to go full steam ahead! He humored us for about 7.38 seconds to get a few posed, break-the-ice kind of shots and he was off like a rocket! He had plenty of room to run and he was not a man to miss a good opportunity when it presents itself!

Following close behind was Lacey, Danny and baby Preston. Again with the whole heartbreaker thing....We got one look at little Preston and the "oohhhhs and ahhhhhs" started. You couldn't help yourself. I tried to do a quick glance around to make sure that no total strangers could overhear my mindless babble when I was talking to Preston but I'd soon forget that we were in a public place and go right back to the goo goo's. He would shoot you this PRECIOUS smile that would wrap you totally around those little baby fingers!
Lacey and Danny were as nice and as sweet as they come. They were both quick with a smile and instantly made you feel like you'd known them forever! They remind you of the friends that you would call whenever you wanted to have fun or if you were moving to a new apartment and needed help. They are just genuinely nice people.
Helping lug all of the baby gear and just being an overall good brother was Lance! Turns out Lance's participation in the photo project blew the surprise for Lindsey's mom. He was off turkey hunting and Lindsey finally had to let the cat out of the bag about why she was being so insistent on spending time with her little brother. (They kept it quiet for quite a while, mom!) But, he made it there so that's what really counted! He was as sweet as his sisters but there's no doubt in my mind that he has a mischievous streak a mile wide! Just look at that big smile and you'll see what I mean!
Lance was great at helping Cooper discover some hidden treasures and you could tell that Cooper thinks that Uncle Lance is a pretty cool member of the family! I have a feeling that baby Preston is going to have the same impression of him when he gets a bit older, too.
I wish that I could explain to you how it feels to see a feeling when you look through the lens. You see parents looking down at this little person and its the complete definition of love. It's the kind of thing that you can't describe with words because they are so grossly inadequate to describe what those looks convey. You watch the laughter between brothers and sisters and you're so jealous for a second because they share the inside jokes that only family understands. There's just something about a family that makes your heart feel so incredibly full and so happy to know them. You instantly start rooting for them and feel happier just because you know them. If you've never felt that way around any families, spend some time around these guys and you'll know exactly what I mean.

Thank you Lindsey, Matt, Cooper, Lacey, Danny, Preston and Lance. You guys made our day fun!

We hope that you like your pictures.