Monday, May 14, 2012

I honestly don't think that Maggie has 
a clue how pretty she really is.
You'd think that there would be no way that she could miss it but if you spend a little time around her, you'll see that she so isn't wrapped up in herself! In fact, I don't think that her looks cross her mind at all. She's too busy being 14 and enjoying everything around her and doing everything that she possibly can to make everyone around her laugh.
She is one of those kids (excuse me, TEENAGERS) that you just like right off the bat. She steps out of the car talking about a mile a minute and it doesn't seem to cross her mind that she doesn't know you. She is full of mischief and fun and if you can be around her without smiling, more power to you! She and her friend Daisy made sure that the morning never even got close to approaching dull or quiet.
You'd almost stop and ask yourself if this was the same person because we'd get her all serious and she'd strike this gorgeous pose....
And somewhere around a millisecond later, you'd get this.....
What you quickly come to realize is that Maggie enjoys the dress up part of things but she also enjoys what it feels like to be 14. It pretty refreshing to meet someone her age who seems to have a good grip on the important stuff in life. I'm sure that she's thankful for her looks but I'd be willing to bet you most anything that she's even more thankful for her family and her friends. 
Maggie is sweet, fun, grounded, energetic, beautiful and just a sweetheart overall. She seems to have a knack for choosing friends who share the same qualities, too. Our morning with Maggie, her mom Debbie and her friend Daisy, was a complete joy! 

I'll leave you with a couple of other pictures of Maggie in "model mode"........
But if you want to know what personality you'll get if you meet her, 
look here.......

Maggie, Debbie, and Daisy....thank you all for a very fun day! 
You guys are the best!

Maggie....when you're famous one day, remember me if they need someone else to pose as 
a swimsuit model along with you. Photography or stand-in model, I'm here for you!


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  1. Leslie...YOU make us laugh and for that we are thankful!! Your pictures are worth a thousand words but your words are priceless!! Thanks for appreciating Maggie for the magnificent creature that she is...a true teenager! She has inner beauty and that is what makes her so special. Again, thank you, Sweet Happy Life for a job well done!