Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kaysee - Senior 2013---Northside High School, Columbus, GA

Kaysee--Senior 2013

We first met Kaysee on the day of her session. Her family had found our work through some pictures that we'd done for mutual friends so we all met up in Alpharetta on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I was nervous about Kaysee meeting us, what with me being so beautiful and all and I didn't want my personal beauty to overshadow what was to be an afternoon that was all about her.
When I saw her, I was really thankful that I dressed down because it was painfully obvious that she was no match for my natural beauty and winning style.
I could tell that she needed my fashion advice and I was happy to share. It appeared that she was going to be hardheaded because even though I suggested that she wear cargo shorts and a t-shirt, she opted for these just so-so outfits that you see in the pictures. I am not one to embarrass anyone but I think that we all know who'd come out the winner if she and I went head-to-head on America's Next Top Model.
I was even going to offer to let her borrow my Nascar hat but then she came walking out with this little number on so I didn't say anything. Remember what I've always said about not wanting to embarrass anyone. What? You don't remember that quote? Me either but I'm pretty sure that it was something selfless and nice because that, my friends, is how I roll.
See the picture above? Yep, the one where she's obviously foregone any fashion advice that I gave her and opted for an outfit like this instead? I've been so proud of people for trying to be nice and make her feel better by commenting about how pretty it looks. I know that they were just trying to make her feel better and I appreciate everyone going out of their way to help a young girl who hasn't been able to master the sense of style that just comes natural to people like me. See, people really are good when you give them the opportunity to show it.
We strolled around the area...or frolicked as I like to call it. Anyone who is a regular follower of my blog knows that I'm a fool when it comes to frolicking. We tried to steer her into some of the areas with less traffic because the cat calls and whistles coming from people who were admiring my beauty had become a bit distracting.'s a blessing and a curse!
Kaysee didn't want a run-of-the-mill senior session. She wanted something different and we loved being able to exchange ideas and come up with some really cool places to shoot. I gave her a hard time for as much of the session as I possibly could and she was a trooper through the entire thing!
She has a wicked sense of humor, a beautiful smile, a really quick wit and she's just about as sweet as they come. Not what you're expecting when you see a teenage girl who is as beautiful as she is, huh?
Kaysee, you managed to TOTALLY rock out your senior session AND become one of my most favoritest people in the world all in one day! Tanya and I love that you chose us to work with and there's no doubt in my mind that the sky is the limit for you in life.
I'm proud of you for not letting my rock hard abs and supermodel good looks intimidate you. And, even more than that, I'm proud to have had the opportunity to get to know you!

Congratulations on becoming a senior and we hope that your senior year is everything that you could wish for and more!

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  1. How have i never seen this before?! You are seriously the bees knees! and we love ❤️ you! and i have another kid graduating next year!