Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Boud" What?? 

It's really cute because almost all of the calls or e-mails start the same way...

"Ummm, I'm kinda nervous about asking this and I TOTALLLLY understand if y'all don't do these but I've been interested in doing some pictures for my <husband/boyfriend/girlfriend> and I don't want to do the typical kind of pictures, maybe something a little more....".

I almost start to feel a little nervous for them at this point because it's obvious that it's taken a lot of courage for them to get up the nerve to ask and that shouldn't be the case. The answer to the question is we love doing boudoir photography. 

Maybe I should clarify....TANYA loves doing boudoir photography. I love helping with the lighting and to provide a few laughs here and there but this has quickly turned into her baby. She just seems to have a knack for it and me, well, not so much. She seems to know just what angles flatter this curve or that a simple turn of your head can turn a shot from good to AH-MAY-ZING!

The coolest part of the whole process--to me--is seeing the look on someone's face when they see themselves. Everyone starts off a little bit nervous but after the first glance of how they look on camera, it's like you've got an international supermodel on your hands! They go from, "you guys will have to tell me how to pose" to "maybe it'd be a good shot if I hang onto the side of the bed like this"! 

You suddenly forget that you're chasing kids every day or getting the dog to the vet. This isn't about saving money at the grocery store or making sure that you make it to the orthodontist on time. This session becomes all about you and reminding yourself that there's still that really hot, sexy person in there! We do not care if you've had four kids and you're a size 18 or if you're rocking those size 2's, there is an absolutely beautiful person in there and I promise you that'll you'll realize it when you see yourself.

We knew that this was really going well when we got a thank you note from a husband after his wife surprised him with a session! He really appreciated that we were able to show her that she is still beautiful and can turn heads when she walks into a room! He'd been telling her that for years but it was hard to dispute when she saw it right there with her own two eyes!

The sessions start off with a little pampering. You get your hair and make-up done and you have a chance to tell us what you're looking for in your session. We want you to walk away feeling amazing and have some gorgeous pictures to boot. Every session is COMPLETELY confidential. If anyone knows that you've done it, it'll be because you've told them or you've given us permission to share some images (that you approved first) from your session. Otherwise, our lips are sealed!

The more that these sessions have caught on, the more we've come to realize that it doesn't really fit with the whole image that we've tried to develop for Sweet.Happy.Life Photography so we started a separate venture for these pictures and it's "Tanya Morris Photography". Simple enough, huh?

We will still be welcoming sessions through Sweet.Happy.Life and it will always be my passion! I absolutely love every single second of those sessions and am excited about the spring sessions that are already booking up now! But, when you want something that's geared more toward some total you time, we're happy to accommodate those requests, too.

The process of website building for the boudoir photography is underway but we have some images that we've been given permission to share if you'd like to see some samples of our work. E-mail Tanya directly or call her and she can give you more information. TanyaMorris07@aol.com or 770.561.6902.

All of your images will be available after your session in a PASSWORD PROTECTED gallery so that you and ONLY the people that you choose, can view them

We're excited about this project and are really looking forward to working with you! You're going to be amazed when you see how beautiful you truly are!

***ALSO, Tanya and I would like to say a special "thank you" to this GORGEOUS, funny,
 sweet, intelligent woman who allowed us to use her pictures for this post! 
We had an absolute blast with you! ***

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