Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wikipedia defines Déjà Vu as:

Déjà vu (literally "already seen") is the experience of feeling sure that one has already witnessed or experienced a current situation, even though the exact circumstances of the prior encounter are uncertain and were perhaps imagined. The experience of déjà vu is usually accompanied by a compelling sense of familiarity.

I'd hung out with Rachel and Grayson before Christmas and we got rained out just a few minutes into our session. We managed to snap a few quick shots but it wasn't even close to enough time to wreak the proper amount of havoc on their parents so we decided to give it another go round this past weekend. 
You see, I grew up with Rachel and Grayson's mom and dad in South Georgia. We didn't hang out together lots of times but our paths frequently crossed and the memories of those times always make me smile. We shared lots of mutual friends and with our hometown being as small as it was, the stories of everyone's escapades were always shared.

My first memory of their Dad was in Elementary School and I remembered that he smiled ALL THE TIME. No matter when you saw him, he had this grin on his face that hinted that there was SOME thought in that head of his that was probably going to lead to trouble! 

Their mom was a wee bit more quiet (please place lots of emphasis on the "wee" part of this sentence). She was always laughing and smiling but she was a little more reserved than her future husband. She was always pretty and neat and could have a quick comeback for most any situation. 

Meeting Grayson and Rachel felt like I was experiencing a serious case of déjà vu. Grayson came out of the car, FULL steam ahead and you pretty much just had to take a chance with random snaps and pray that he was in the frame. Following in his daddy's footsteps, he had that trademark Conner smile that warned you that danger was ahead! 
Miss Rachel was another story altogether. She giggled at everything that her brother did but for the most part, she let him take charge of the entertainment and she just flashed her sweet smile! Several times, I'd catch a glimpse of her smoothing out her shirt or pushing back her hair. She has a sweet, easy smile and even though she's a little quiet at times, she can throw a quick comeback when the need arises! Reminded me of someone else that I know....
Our first session was something like what it feels like to try to catch a balloon that is deflating mid-air so I came prepared for session # 2 with my secret weapon...Tanya. I briefed her on how the operation would go down. I'd entertain and corral Grayson and she would snap. It was a foolproof plan. I knew that sweet Rachel would be where you needed her to be at all times so I wasn't too worried about that part of things. 

All I can say is that time and the promise of yogurt changes things and people. I'm standing there in full out wrestling mode and Grayson and Rachel approach me like members of the Royal Family. I sense something is up when there's no flash of blonde hair streaking past me and instead I have this newly matured gentleman offering to pose wherever I'd like to direct him to go. Rachel is just watching me and I know that she's giggling on the inside. She knows that I will keep waiting for the surprise attack that never came. Even still, I wasn't ready to let my guard down and I remained prepared to exercise my super karate skills should the opportunity present itself.
There's no way that I can easily explain the change and I still wonder if I'm just losing it in my old age. I mean, seriously, I expected Grayson to offer me some Grey Poupon and Rachel to pour me a spot of tea. I was freaked out on many levels. All I know is that the first sign that I got of a bow or a curtsy and I was out of there!
But, what I also saw (again) was the personalities of people who were familiar to me and who felt like home and it made me feel good. I love knowing that these little people will grow up and offer the world some of the things that they've learned from their mama and daddy. And, if they can refrain from those things that could have them end up in prison, well that's even better! (joking guys!) I like kids who have some personality to them and despite the polite behavior, these two didn't disappoint!

It took a little time and provocation but I knew that I could bring out the rebel in them. While their mother was talking to Tanya and we had free run of the place with no threat of not getting frozen yogurt, we were superstars!!!
Thank you, Rachel and Grayson (and a little thank you to the parents!), for TWO fun days! You two rock!!

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