Saturday, January 1, 2011

Meet Carla, Charlie, Lisa & Sam

I met Lisa and Carla a long time ago. We all met through a mutual friend and it didn't take long before I felt like I'd known them my entire life. There were no kids for any of us back then and life was pretty simple. Wellllll a few years passed and all of our lives took some mighty big turns. Take a look at two of the "big turns" that came for them......

First came Charlie....he popped onto the scene with his pretty blonde hair and a mischievous smile. He has that look that makes you just want to tickle him. He also has an independent streak and wasn't very excited about the picture taking until we promised him a ride in my Jeep. It soon became obvious that Charlie is a take charge kind of guy and he wasn't up for a ride...he wanted to drive! Who am I to deny a sweetheart like him a spin in my Jeep?

Charlie and his mommies soon welcomed baby brother Sam. He has the most beautiful brown eyes, a quick smile and his big brother Charlie thinks that he's pretty cool too. All it took to get a smile out of him today was a kiss from Mama....

These boys were full of fun and started to warm up to the camera the longer that we played.

I don't know that I've ever seen a cuter, more loving family than this one. How lucky we'd all be if we were surrounded by so much love!

The next shot had a lens flare when I shot it but I liked it so I included it, too.

Sam was loving all the kisses and attention from Mommy...

Charlie couldn't keep himself from giggling when Mama and Mommy turned all of their attention to him!

Thank you guys for your friendship and for a very fun day!

Happy 2011 Everybody!

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