Thursday, January 6, 2011

Meet Destiny, Grace & Melissa

Ok, ok....I admit it! I've been painfully slow in getting things posted on here but New Year, new chances to redeem myself, right? I truly have the best of intentions to get things posted but then Grey's Anatomy is a new episode and the couch just feels SO warm and cozy and I'm sure that you can piece together the rest of this story. If not, I'll clue you in to it ending with me eating popcorn and hoping that Christina will just get back to surgery already!

But my lazy days are officially behind me now. My wonderful friend (and in my opinion, one of THE greatest photographers/artists in the WORLD) Amanda Summerlin of managed to throw up a multitude of posts while refinishing her office so my lame excuses just won't cut it anymore.

I want you to meet my friends.....Melissa, Destiny and Grace. I call them my friends because I truly like each one of them individually. This isn't one of those deals when you meet a family and you take some of the not-so-nice ones because you really like the other one(s). You can just tell by looking at them that they are sweet people.

We met Des first (affectionately referred to as "Des" or "Dorstiny" by our family) when she came to Rachel's 9th birthday party. She was as quiet as a church mouse. In fact, we weren't sure that she could speak for the first two or three years that we knew her. She and Rachel quickly became fast friends and she was a chosen member of our family whether she wanted to be or not! We've watched her grow and we looked up one day and realized that this sweet, quiet little girl had turned into a gorgeous young lady (I sound like my grandmother calling someone a "young lady" but that's all that I can adequately say to describe how much she's changed!). The even more cool thing about her is that she's as sweet and wonderful on the inside as she is on the outside. She's proven to be a wonderful, trusted friend and we absolutely love her!
Rachel and Des were pretty much inseparable from the birthday party on so Melissa started hanging out and we quickly learned to be thankful for the fact that Rachel wasn't the only one who made a friend in this deal. She's a great mom and her kids are full of fun and laughter. It's never a chore to have friends like that. She's the friend who will glady keep your kids when you call at the last minute, she'll feed your dogs, and she'll run a check to you at the recreation department when you're dumb enough to leave without your checkbook on picture day (I think she's that kind of friend because I'd NEVER be absentminded enough to do something like that....wink, wink!). Anyway, as you can tell....we feel pretty lucky to have her friendship!
When Melissa and Des showed up, this cute little blue-eyed girl trailed along with them. She was the loud to Destiny's quiet and she just oozed personality when she walked into the room. She brought a big smile and a funny streak a mile wide! She and Victoria hit it off despite a few year's difference in age and like her big sister before her, she became a member of the family too!
The whole "photo shoot" started out as Melissa's request for me to do a few pictures for their Christmas card. As soon as I saw how fun they were going to be, we went with it and Grace incorporated some of her ideas for poses. That's when the real fun started!

I'm sure that you've heard of "sisterly love" but I decided to throw in a few shots to demonstrate it in action!

And just when you thought that the fighting was about to begin, here is the sisterly love that I was talking about......
Don't ever doubt that there's love at this house!

Here's more proof that beauty runs in the family...

We're hoping to find a day soon to get Dad in some pictures so stay tuned for more of these guys to come!

Who would have ever guessed that one quiet little girl at a birthday party would have brought such wonderful friends into our lives and our hearts?

I hope that all of this family's wishes come true!

Thanks for everything guys! We love you!

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