Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Meet Casey.......(Jefferson, GA Photography)

Have you ever met one of those people that you just flat out like right off the bat? I mean, it's not like you sit back and question if they are really as nice as they appear to be because you just sense the genuineness that they exude. Well, that's Casey.
I met her years ago through a mutual friend and the first things that I noticed about her were her big smile, her beautiful eyes and her heavy southern drawl. At that time, she had her hair pretty close to what I'd consider being shaved and I marveled at how she truly lit up a room when she walked into it. She didn't know me from Adam's house cat but she start talking to me like I was her childhood best friend.
You can't be around her for very long without hearing a big ole' "LORRRRRDDDDD", "SHUUUUT UPPP", "GIRRRRRLLL"----or whatever her exclamation of the day happens to be! She is quick with a smile and she never seems to meet a stranger. She's got a way of making everyone feel like they are the most important person in the room when she's talking to them.
A long time has passed since I met her that first time but she's one of those people who only seems to get prettier with time. The shaved hair grew...a lot...and occasionally boasts a few extensions here and there. You just never know what the style of the day is going to be! What doesn't change is the sweet heart of the person who is wearing it.
Casey has had her share of personal trials but she always comes out smiling. And, there are more than a few people who can thank her for the helping hand that she's willingly extended to them. Her help always comes with a "no strings attached" offer. She truly does things out of the goodness of her heart. She's the first in line to support any new endeavor for anyone and she's the cheerleader in everyone's corner with no selfish motivation on her part. There are very few Caseys in this world and that's a dang shame because we could use more of them!
There's no denying that she's beautiful but when you really get to know the person that she is, she gets even prettier.
She's funny, smart, a loyal friend and a talented stylist. She has her own fashion sense and she's not afraid to break bad and throw on the jewels (or hair...whatever the occasion may warrant!). You can hear her laugh for miles around and there's no way to hear it without joining her in it!
She's been a blessing to my family and taking her pictures was absolutely our pleasure. Being able to call her a friend is an honor!
Thank you, Casey, for a fun afternoon and for suffering through the drive-by whistles and stares to take these pictures. I know they were really meant for me but you believe whatever gets you through the day!

Happy Day Everybody!   :o)

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