Sunday, March 6, 2011

Meet David, Mark & Lorelai Grace

I met Mark and David through our sweet friends, Carla and Lisa. You may have remembered them from a few blog posts back that was about them and their cute kids, Charlie and Sam. We all met at a party given by another friend and there were never any awkward moments of silence like you sometimes have with people that you meet. It was like we were all instantly fighting for our turn to talk and we laughed until our sides hurt. It's pretty much been that way from that night on.

I remember cracking up laughing when David told about one of the first conversations that he and Mark had where he told him that he liked the Tennessee Volunteers and Mark wanted to know what they volunteered for. To me, that's funny all on it's own but if you know Mark, it's even funnier. In fact, he's probably one of the funniest people that I've ever met and he doesn't even have to try. His off-beat sense of humor and his lack of a "filter" about what stories he tells can absolutely crack you up!
But not only is Mark funny, he's probably one of the sweetest souls that you'll ever meet. He would give you the shirt off of his back if he knew that you needed it. He'll drive an hour away to return the box to you that you left in his car. Or, he'll bring you a book of pictures for the time that you missed with Lorelai so you can feel like you're a part of things from the beginning. Mark has carefully sketched out his plans for what he's going to do with the lottery winnings that he's going to have one day and his fortune will be short lived because he's got something special in mind for almost every single person that has ever crossed his path. He truly enjoys making people happy. I love this man.

Then....there's David. I feel like we should cue some sort of dramatic music here. David and I have an unspoken rule that we will never say anything nice to each other. Ever. But, since that rule doesn't apply to writing, I can tell you that David is one of the best friends that you could ever ask for in life. He is as generous as Mark and will do anything in the world for the people that he loves. David has a fantastically creative mind and he has no problem standing up for what he believes in and for the people that he loves. I honestly don't think that there is anything that he wouldn't do for you if he loves you. Give him the slightest hint that you need something done and he'll forego his own needs to help you accomplish your goal. David is a true friend and although I will never admit it to his face (because that's not how we roll), I love him and am thankful for him. I almost threw up a little bit as I typed this because the thought of being nice to David is so against everything that I believe in.
I've saved the sweetest for last here.....this is Miss Lorelai Grace or "Lolo" to those of us who know and love her.
I don't even know where to being with her. I can say without hesitation that the very sight of her sweet little face can make you feel like your heart is going to explode with love for her. From the very first night that we met her and she wasn't content until I was covered in chocolate and various other pieces of our meal, I've loved her. I have always liked babies and kids but there is something different with her and we loved her from the start.

She walks into our house and takes over. She and Tora became fast friends but I've seen her wrap every single member of our family around her tiny, little finger. Too many days without her and we all start going into withdrawals. It's just a given that we've GOT to see her! She's a very talented performer who can alternate between singing "the itsy bitsy spider" and "snoooooop dog, snoooooop dog" all in the same car ride. She's no lightweight at dancing and raising the roof either.
Although she looks all dainty and sweet, don't let her fool you! Just last night I was changing her diaper and popcorn fell out of it. I wouldn't have been any more surprised had it been a switchblade or a part of a cheeseburger. She's not scared of anything that I've ever seen and I've yet to find anything that slows her down. Unless, of course, you find a good Dora the Explorer movie and you hear that sweet, soft little voice singing along to the theme song.

Trust me, I've heard the back and forth and the not-so-subtle opinions about gay families but you can say whatever you want, you'll find few families that measure up to this one--gay or straight! I'm not going to get on a soapbox about this issue because this is about a family of people that love each other. If you'd like to know my opinion on these issues, feel free to e-mail me anytime and we can discuss it there. For now, I'll focus on Mark, David and Lolo. The way that they live their life and love each other every single day is a testament to the strength of their family and their own quiet little rebellion. They have their own problems and issues just like any other family but they love each other enough to keep pushing through them because that's what families do.
This is a home filled with love and laughter. They want only the best opportunities in life for their daughter. They know that starts with the strong foundation of two people who love each other and who work for the common goal of building the best life that they can for their child.
We love this family and we are blessed to have them as members of our "chosen family" that I've talked about before. I sincerely hope that every child in the world can grow up surrounded by as much love as Lolo has in her life.

Thank you Mark, David and Lolo not just for a wonderful afternoon of picture taking but for a lifetime of friendships that we treasure.
Happy Day Everybody!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! We love y'all too!!!!

  2. We absolutely love you and your wonderful family! We are honored and touched to be a part of it. Lorelai is truly a wonderful child, but we would be extremely happy if she turns out half a good as your three kids!