Thursday, March 24, 2011

Meet Hayden, Jake & Lynleigh

There's SO much to be said about the love of your family. We've all met those families that you can feel the sense of fun when you're around them. They're quick with a laugh and there's a loving, welcoming feeling that you get just from being in their presence. Speaking of, here's one of those families now.....
We spent last Saturday afternoon with Hayden, Jake, Lynleigh and their mom, Joyce. In the course of a couple of hours, we trekked ALL over the big city of Jefferson taking pictures. It started off as most shoots do with everyone being very mannerly and polite and it soon became painfully obvious that Joyce had bribed them to behave---NO kids are that good without massive doses of tranquilizers or the threat of incarceration! I was dumbfounded! Who has EVERRRR heard of kids being well behaved when there's another option available to them??? If I'm not mistaken, it was the promise of pizza and spending time with some fun family members that got these guys right on in line. But, pizza or no pizza, it was my mission to put this good behavior stuff behind us and have some fun!
Jake has such a beautiful, easy smile. He's that kid that just makes you want to smile when you see him. You're reasonably sure that there are some mischievous thoughts going through his mind but he does a dang good job of restraining himself from acting on them. Even when he was a little apprehensive about what we were asking him to do, he'd immediately fall into place and then that beautiful smile would seem like it just
popped out of nowhere!
Lynleigh and our youngest daughter are in the same grade at school so I remember her from way back. She was always that sweet little girl with the beautiful eyes that I'd see when we'd go to school functions and she just oozes sweetness. She really does. She has a bit of a shy laugh but I have a feeling that she can really let loose when she's at home. She's the kind of kid that you want your own kid to hang around and be friends with because you can just see the niceness in her. Now before you get to thinking that she's all angelic, I can tell you that the biggest smiles came when I asked her to think about mean things that she could do to her brothers. In fact, I think that I may have heard a giggle or two when those thoughts crossed her mind. I like that in a kid.
Keeps things interesting.
Hayden TRIED to be shy. He really did. In fact, he gave it the best effort of anyone that I've seen in a while but I just knew that we could get past that. The very mention of a certain name could bring about a beaming smile like nobody's business! I will not disclose that name because what happens at our sessions, stays at our sessions. I'm not selling him out like that. As a slight disclaimer, I do have to say that I got the same beaming smile when his mom mentioned pizza as when we mentioned a certain someone so I'd say he's right on track of where a good looking guy his age should be!
I found out that the kids don't like wasps or dried squirrel carcasses. Don't ask me how I know that....just trust me.
I found out that kids do love teasing each other and they love it when they've been told that the last picture has been shot!
I also found out that these are some of THE sweetest kids that you'll ever have the pleasure to meet! They are smart, funny, polite, loving, chatty, giggly, and loved beyond measure. Every now and then, I'd look around and catch a glimpse of Joyce watching them while Tanya was shooting and she'd look like it wasn't possible to smile any bigger or be more proud of these three little people who are destined to change the world for the better. If you ever want to see what love looks like, take a look at Joyce when she's watching her children. It's all over her face. All of that goodness in them has a purpose and I can't wait to see what comes of it in time. As we watched their van driving away when we were done, there was no doubt in mind that we'd spent time in the presence of people who are loved.
Thank you Hayden, Jake, Lynleigh and Joyce for a very fun afternoon. You guys are wonderful and we hope that you like your pictures as much as we like y'all!
Good night Everybody!

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