Monday, August 1, 2011

Can You Say "FUN"??? (Jefferson, GA Family photographer)

I make grand promises to myself. I really do. I don't know why I do it because deep down, I know that I'm most likely lying. That's especially true when my promise has anything at all to do with weight loss, saving money or going pro with my yodeling career. Now it seems that I'm going to have to add "keeping up with my blog postings" to my list of lies because I've gotten horribly behind on them. I'm honestly not trying to justify my laziness but I have to say that going back and looking through my pictures to do these posts has been a nice burst of happiness in my week. I'd remember little things about each session that would bring me an unexpected giggle and I appreciate that and I'm thankful for it.
Have you ever met a person that just EXUDES energy?? I mean, you step into their presence and you just start to feel a little talk louder and find yourself laughing at goofy things?? I love people like that. If I could draw a picture of that person, it'd be CeCe. She truly makes me smile just by looking at her picture.
CeCe walks up and immediately starts talking to you like she's your best friend from high school. There's no uncomfortable struggle for conversation or silent prayers that you'll find some sort of common ground. She gets out of the car juggling her twin boys and talking about which pair of shoes will work best. She's offering you a gummy bear and telling you about how the boys already know how to ham it up for the camera while you're still unzipping the camera bag. She's kinda like a mini-tornado of happiness. She's a whirlwind of energy and laughter. If you can't talk to CeCe, hang it up.
When she first contacted us about doing pictures, she scheduled a session for her boys and one for herself. I was thinking that it was a pretty bold move on her part because what if she hated the first ones and she was stuck doing another session that she dreaded? Then, she'd be forced to come up with some tactful way of saying that we stunk and she was skipping out on session # 2, most likely faking a case of tendonitis or tennis elbow. I'm not sure why she'd fake either of those two things but they just popped into my head as easily fakable illnesses. Thankfully, that didn't happen!

CeCe and Blaine drove up and we saw two little smiling faces grinning in the back seat. The door opens and out pop these perfectly ADORABLE faces that are smiling from ear-to-ear because they know without a doubt that they are going to totally wrap you around their tiny little fingers. I know that this confidence comes from a proven track record of winning hearts because you can't be around them and not fall totally and completely in love with them. I'm pretty sure that this could be scientifically proven but I never understand the logic behind that stuff so just trust'd love them.

We chased these guys around and laughed uncontrollably when they'd stop and strike a pose for us. They were perfectly at home in front of the camera and made our "job" pretty easy! It wasn't any time at all before they were crawling up in our laps and offering to share their ice cream cones with us.

To say that we had fun with this family was an understatement. We made new friends this day.
When we came back to do CeCe's 2nd shoot, we found that she'd brought along the two little munchkins and I couldn't help but wonder if she was going to be able to focus on a shoot for herself and watch these guys at the same time.
I'm thoroughly convinced that CeCe could become the next superhero. It seemed so effortless for her to strike a gorgeous pose and flash a beautiful smile all while corralling these two bundles of energy that were going at warp speed. She would be leaning against a pole smiling and the next thing you know, she's doing a double ninja death spin in the air to block the boys from getting into the street. All this happens without her even breaking a sweat.
I'm always amazed at people who handle babies and when there are more than one, I'm just flat out scared. But, then there's people like CeCe who don't just "handle" their kids, they give them so much love and complete adoration that you can see the kids flourishing right before your eyes. She gives them guidance but she lets them play and be kids. The slightest boo-boo and they are running to her for kisses but then they are skipping off to do their thing and she just laughs and watches them go.
I'm thinking that Blaine has his hands full with this crew but he's the quiet kind of guy who just takes it all in stride. I think that he knows that it isn't every day that a CeCe comes along and they just seem to work...maybe in their own different kind of way but they do. I know that families all have different dynamics and what works for some may not work for others but these guys love each other.
I just know that I'm going to turn on the television one day and this family is going to be on some kind of reality TV show. When that happens, the whole world is going to get to experience the love between them like we did. I'm gonna have to keep this post to remind myself that I knew them back before they took over the world.

Thank guys for some really fun days with you!  We are happy to be able to call you friends!

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