Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fun With the Amos Family (Pendergrass, GA Photography)

We almost missed the Amos family session. Not because we didn't show. We were there. They were there, too. We'd just decided to meet at Hurricane Shoals and somehow managed to end up on opposite sides of the park. We noticed a van drive by so we'd drive over to the opposite side of the park to check things out. When we'd get there, we couldn't spot the van anywhere around. Jennifer and Will didn't seem the type to not show for something they'd committed to do so we gave it one more go 'round before leaving and spotted the family loading back up in their van.We caught them just in time and thankfully still had enough time to get some beautiful pictures of them.
It sounds like we're patting ourselves on the back for our photography skills but we're not. These guys are such a good looking family that you'd be hard pressed to NOT get good pictures of them!
Blake just has the most sweet, kind eyes. You instantly want to hug him when you see him.
Then, there is Logan with his easy grin and sparkly eyes. You just can't help but wonder if he's going to be the little firecracker in the family! Something about that little sparkle lets you know that he's got some fun ideas tumbling around in there!
This family just has an ease in the way that they communicate with one another. They play, laugh and have fun around one another but they aren't loud people. I'm sure that they were in shock when they heard our loud mouths but they talked to you just like you were an old friend. We like people like that.

Jennifer and Will somehow talked Grandmother into coming with them. I'm sure that they had to beg FOREVER to get her to come because it was painfully obvious that she didn't care a thing in the world about these kids....NOT! You could see that she was wrapped around those little fingers and they knew that all that they had to do would be to smile to get her to move mountains for them!
Speaking of Grandmother, what a pretty lady she is!

Jennifer and Will have created quite the beautiful family. They've obviously imparted all of their good qualities onto their children and you can expect to see wonderful things out of these guys as they get older.
I was so happy to get an e-mail from Jennifer this week to schedule their holiday session. I'd been working on this blog post so the timing was perfect! I can't wait to see how these guys have grown and to hang out with this sweet family. It's folks like this that make this "job" so much fun!
Thank you to the Amos family for a great afternoon! You guys are wonderful and we will look forward to seeing you soon!

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