Monday, August 22, 2011

T-R-O-U-B-L-E times Two! (Jefferson Family Photographer)

I've always thought that I could take care of myself. Short of ninjas, professional wrestlers and Wal-Mart people greeters, there are few things or people in life that I've ever been scared of. At least, that was the case before I met the McMillan girls.
Oh sure, they LOOK innocent enough....those cute little figures and innocent appearing smiles. (keyword here being "APPEARING") You'll think that it's safe to let your guard down and that's when trouble strikes.
Most kids will just let me heap verbal abuse on them as we work through our sessions. They take my words about how ugly they are and just silently process them but NOT these two! Before I knew it, they had reduced me to tears (or maybe it was giggles....I confuse easily).
Gabbie with her pretty hair, pretty white teeth and pretty tan....I first thought that she was the ringleader. I'm still not sure that she isn't. It's hard to tell. The synchronized rhythm of their attacks made it hard to tell who was in charge.
Then, here comes Gracie who you think is harmless because she's all little and cute...BIG mistake on my part!

They told me that I was old. I think that Gabbie's exact words were, "somewhere around 100" and Gracie just giggles up a storm as she watches Gabbie take me down like a tiger downs the poor, weak, defenseless zebra out in the wild. These two were vicious! maybe I exaggerate a weeee bit. Maybe these two were some of THE most fun peeps that I've spent time around in a long, long time. Say what you want about teenagers, I absolutely love how fun and outgoing these two are. I'm sure that there is lots of laughter around their house. There's no way that there couldn't be with these two on the place.
I honestly don't get these two. I really don't. When my sister and I were growing up, nothing short of a court order could get us to say a nice word to each other. And, the only way that we would have EVER hugged would have been if there were money or international terrorist involved. But, these two are like best friends. It's kinda cool.
As much as I HATE to say, I like these two. Alot. (I threw up a little bit in my mouth as I typed this.) So, thank you Gabbie and Gracie for hanging with an old geriatric case like me. And, thank you to their sweet friend Sarah who will probably get an extra star in heaven one day for hanging out with this pair. Between all of these girls and Lanie, I can truly say that my afternoon was filled with fun!
If you ever need pictures done again, call me. Maybe my cataracts won't be so thick that I can't peer through the lens to snap some good shots of you two ugly kids....I meant, sweet girls. My bad.
The End

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