Saturday, August 20, 2011

Here Comes Chloe! (Oakwood, GA Photographer)

How do I describe Chloe?? Hmmm.....that's probably the best question that I've asked all day. We had never met Chloe before her session with us. Most of our clients are someone that either Tanya or I know but I'd only talked to Chloe's mom, Julia, through e-mail. She'd heard about our work from a mutual friend and we were excited to hear from her.
You can imagine how happy we were when the door of their car opened and this B-E-A-UTIFUL child was staring back at us! We'd have to cover both of our eyes and shoot with the lens cap on to NOT get good pictures of this little beauty!
Don't get me wrong.....Chloe is far from just a pretty face! This little angel has personality by the bucketloads! She immediately started flashing that beautiful smile and she knew that she had completely wrapped Tanya and I both around her tiny little finger in seconds!
She'd strike her little poses and she did absolutely every single thing that we asked her to do. She did all of this with the most contagious little giggle imaginable! She KNOWS that she's precious and she doesn't waste a bit of that cuteness...she uses every single ounce of it!
Poor Chloe has no love at all from her parents. It really is sad. You can look at the way that they look at her and tell that they just can't stand her.
Can't you see that?? NO? I think that it's more appropriate to say that the sun rises and sets on this child in their eyes.
James and Julia aren't too hard on the eyes either! It's easy to see where Chloe gets those good looks from!
We had a wonderful time with this family and offered to take Chloe home with us...I mean, that just seemed the right thing to do considering how neglected she obviously is!

If you wanna talk love, this family has lots of it for each other and you sense it the second that you meet them. That theory is only reinforced the longer that you spend time with them. Thank you James, Julia and Chloe for a VERY fun afternoon!
You guys rock! :o)

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